Ultimate 4 Days Maui, Hawaii Travel Itinerary

Ultimate 4 Days Maui, Hawaii Travel Itinerary

If you are planning to visit Maui in the Hawaiian Islands, you are in for best time of your life! Maui is a great place vacation spot for people looking for relaxation, day trip and adventure alike. In this article, we will guide you through a 4-day Maui itinerary, taking you to some of the most beautiful places on the island. Go to a rental car, grab some sunscreen, and get ready for the ultimate road trip in a perfect place like Maui.

Day 1: West Maui Scenic Drive

Start your first day of Maui adventure by driving on the West Maui Scenic Drive which probably the first trip too. This 30-mile long drive stretch of road offers some of the best views of the island. Along the way, make sure to stop at some of the best places, such as the Nakalele Blowhole and the picturesque village of Lahaina. Truly the best way to spend Day 1. End your day with some whale watching in the pristine beaches of the south of Maui. Usually, these are humpback whales.

Day 2: Haleakala National Park

No trip to Maui is complete without a visit to Haleakala National Park. Wake up early morning and drive to the top of the volcano to see the sunrise. I think there is parking lot available in that area. Then, hike through the park and some narrow roads and marvel at the stunning scenery. It is a good idea to stop at the Visitor Center and the Hosmer Grove, and don’t forget to bring warm clothing as it can get chilly at the top. It would be best if you have a travel guide.

Day 3: Road to Hana

Great way to spend a day driving along the famous Road to Hana which is a 64-mile scenic route that takes you to some of the best things Maui has to offer. Stop at the Twin Falls, the Garden of Eden Arboretum, and the Waianapanapa State Park. Don’t forget to take a dip in one of the many waterfalls along the way. It is much fun.

Day 4: Molokini Crater and North Shore

End your Maui itinerary by snorkeling in the Molokini Crater and exploring the North Shore. Book a snorkeling tour in the crystal-clear waters of the Molokini Crater, home to a variety of marine life. Then, head to the North Shore and stop at the famous Black Rock beach. End your day by indulging in some Hawaiian cuisine and getting a taste of the local culture with a visit to a museum or art gallery.

Maui is an island paradise that offers something for everyone. Single day for sure is not enough. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an adventure-filled road trip, Maui has it all. So rent a car, pack your bags, and get ready for the ultimate 4 days in Maui itinerary! Maui vacation is truly a dream vacation which is one of the good things in life.

Next time you come back to Maui in the Hawaiian Islands maybe you can go for a helicopter tour to see the best spots in an aerial view. For sure you will be amazed at the beautiful beaches and golf courses seen from above.